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Hudson Heckler

Hudson Heckler is a simple program that'll keep you updated on what's happening within a team's Hudson CI build manager on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X over a choice of two backends: libnotify (via java-gnome) and growl. You won't have to worry about this thing being too much of an annoyance as it'll only pipe up when there's something really important to say, such as:

Something is broken since this build!

Everything is back to normal!

The build was aborted!

Installing it

Getting this up and running isn't all too difficult. Extract everything within
this zip file into a directory of your choice and edit notifier.config as you so desire.
The jar is executable by the Java runtime binaries; if you have a bad OS that doesn't
acknowledge this automatically, you could run this command in a terminal instead:

$ java -jar HudsonHeckler-*.jar

Please note that gtk.jar must exist in /usr/share/java if you plan to use the
gnome notifier. On Ubuntu, you may get this through apt using this command in a terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install libjava-gnome-java

Configuring it

There's a configuration file included alongside the program that'll allow you to change
some of its runtime settings. Simply right click on the program's icon and hit "Edit
Configuration"; just be sure to save the file and restart the program when you're done.

Compiling it

The included Ant build script should take care of everything for you. There's something
a little special you'll have to do if you don't intend to install the java-gnome library
on your build platform that'll quell any compilation errors you may get regarding that.

With support for both Growl and Gnome

$ ant

With Growl-only support

$ ant -Dgnomeless=true

Running the tests

$ ant test

Will it work with Jenkins or my other mutant derivative?

Probably. We use version 2.2.0 of the Hudson flavour at work but as long as there's an
/rssLatest feed that bares a significant enough likeness, you'll be fine.
This also applies to other variants and strangely modified versions of the software.

Contributions are welcome!

Please feel free to contribute to this project; there's plenty of potential here and
if you've free time to spare you should totally spend it on this project.
Really. You know it makes sense.